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June 1, 2020 |by Zenway Productions | Comments Off on #PATSG RAISES A TOTAL OF S$6,430 AFTER TWO WEEKENDS OF GAMING ACTION | Esports, Events, Press Releases

1 June 2020, Monday – After two consecutive weekends of action-packed gaming, esports programme #PlayApartTogether in Singapore (#PATSG) has successfully raised net proceeds totalling S$6,430 for its 3 beneficiaries; Home Nursing Foundation (HNF), Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME) and Community Chest. In addition, it also saw a total of 25,000  viewers throughout both weekends. The event, organised by Zenway Productions in partnership with Community Chest, aims to raise funds for Singapore’s vulnerable communities during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Similar to last week’s format, #PATSG saw showcases from various professional esports teams, influencers and streamers. Viewers were also treated to another FIFA 20 match between the Young Lions football team and Team Flash.

This week the Young Lions were represented by midfielder/captain Jacob Mahler and defender Akmal Azman while Team Flash were once again represented by competitive FIFA 20 players Buzzinho and Amraan. Following the format of the previous week, the two teams first played deciding rounds to determine who would represent each team in the final showdown. In the end, it was Team Flash’s Buzzinho and Young Lions captain Jacob Mahler that met in the final match to determine who was the stronger football player on the virtual pitch. Jacob Mahler started off the final match strong by scoring a goal just 10 minutes into the game, however Buzzinho quickly evened out the score by making a goal soon after. With both players showing exceptional skills, it was a close match till the very end. However, it was reigning champion Buzzinho from Team Flash who prevailed at the end with a score of 2-1.

Catering to the gaming enthusiasts were specially formatted Mobile Legends matches between professional esports teams EVOS and Impunity. For the first round, all players had to choose a hero of the mage class while in the second they had to choose heroes of the fighter class. With both character classes possessing different abilities and skill sets, it was a battle of wits and versatility as both teams went head-to-head in two nail-biting matches. In the end,  it was Impunity’s wise choice of characters and quick domination that eventually led to their victory in both games.

Following the Mobile Legends showcase, influencers Blysk, Danial Ron, RunawayKim and Julian Tay teamed up in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Warzone. Before the start of their game, the team volunteered to donate a collective total of $250 if they finished top 10 in either of the rounds. Organiser Zenway Productions also volunteered to double the donations if the team managed to achieve their goal and rank top 10. With their determination and great teamwork, they successfully managed to pull through and emerge 9th in their final and best round. The team ended the stream with a combined total of $750, contributed by both the players and Zenway Productions.

Returning this week were streamers Reira, Alyse and Vampyrette who entertained viewers once again with their showcase of Jackbox Party 6. Joining them were also streamers Flynn and Twilight. It was a showcase filled with good fun and laughter as the five streamers took part in a series of mini games that put their wits and loyalties to the test.

New to the lineup this week were Lion Speedrunners Assembly members JuH0rse, wcpro123468 and Allenbot. The three individuals guided viewers through a series of games to show them just how they speedrun through various levels with a couple of neat tips and tricks. With levels being completed in the blink of an eye, viewers were treated to their lightning reflexes and skills. Some of the games featured were Super Mario Bros 1, Bishi Bashi Special 2 and Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled.

Zenway Productions co-founder and Operations Director, Wayne Lim, said, “We are glad that the event has been a success and that we’ve been able to raise funds for our various beneficiaries and we would like to thank all our viewers and partners for their contributions over both weekends. The fight against Covid-19 is going to be a prolonged one, and we hope that the community will continue to provide unwavering support for our vulnerable communities as we overcome this pandemic together.”

Ms Charmaine Leung, Managing Director of Community Chest said, “We would like to thank Zenway Productions for partnering Community Chest to build a caring and united nation. The donations from the #PATSG initiative will be channelled towards enabling our social service agencies to continue providing critical social services to the vulnerable in our society. We firmly believe that with the generous support from the community, we will emerge stronger as a nation and overcome the challenges that lie ahead.”

“We would like to thank Zenway Productions and all the generous donors who have supported the #PATSG initiative. The donations will go a long way in supporting migrant workers who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic through providing urgent medical assistance, food and those who are in distress and unable to return home during this time. It is heartening to see the gaming community in Singapore come together in support of a worthy cause and every little bit counts towards providing migrant workers a healthier, more conducive work environment.” said a spokesperson from HOME.

“Home Nursing Foundation would like to convey our sincere gratitude to all donors and supporters of the #PATSG initiative organised by Zenway Productions. Your contributions will enable our frontline professionals to continue providing quality patient-centric healthcare to our ill and vulnerable patients in the comfort of their homes.” said a HNF spokesperson.

Other show matches that were featured over the weekend include a Call of Duty Mobile showcase by esports teams Divinity and Fame; a Mobile Legends match between streamers Sky Wee and Fenrir; a Rainbow Six Siege showcase by Flynn and Twilights and a FIFA 20 match between Team Flash and the companies’ representatives towards a cause..

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