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Gathering of Legends @ North East Rules & Regulations

November 12, 2019 | Zenway Productions | News

Gathering of Legends @ North East


  1. Introduction

The Mobile Legends tournament – “Gathering of Legends @ North East” is organised by North East CDC, Care Corner Youth GO! (North-East) and Zenway Productions.

The competition will be held on 14 December 2019, from 12:30pm to 7:30pm at Our Tampines Hub (refer to address below).

– Central Plaza, Our Tampines Hub ,1 Tampines Walk, Singapore, 528523

Do note that participants of the tournament must be age 13 – 21 years old. Players found not to be within the age range will not be allowed to participate.

  1. Registration

2.1 Participants’ Requirements

All participants are to register in teams. Each team must consist of 5 main players and 1 reserved player. Each team is to select 1 captain and 1 vice-captain from the 5 main players.

All participants must have at least a Level 8 Mobile Legends account and 5 heroes.

2.2 Registration Details

  • Registration fee is $30 per team.
  • Registration Period: 15th November 2019 to 12th December 2019
  • Participants are to register at ONE of these links, depending on mode of payment:
  1. Online payment:
  2. Cash payment: (refer to 2.3)
  • Information required during registration will include the following:
    • Team name
    • Captain’s & Vice Captain’s and Members’ Names
    • Captain’s & Vice Captain’s and Members’ Contact Numbers
    • Captain’s & Vice Captain’s and Members’ In-Game Names

Do note that registration will close on 12th December 2019 at 2359hrs sharp.



2.3 Payment

Online payment is preferred. If participants are unable to pay via online transaction, cash payment will be accepted at Care Corner Youth GO!’s office (address below).

943 Tampines Ave 5

#01 – 271

Singapore 520943

(Located at the void deck of Blk 943)

Please contact Cherie (Youth GO! staff) at 8481 3096 if cash payment is to be made. E.g. “Hello, my name is ­­­­_______, may I request to go down to your centre on (date) at (time) to pay via cash for the ML tournament?”

Payment in cash must be made at least 5 days prior to the tournament. Note that only upon payment and complete submission of registration details for all players in the team will participants be eligible for the tournament.

  1. Tournament Format

3.1 Qualifying Rounds

  • Teams will play against one another in 5v5 draft pick custom matches. (click on custom> draft pick to create lobby).
  • Teams will be allocated into 4 groups, Group A – D. Within each group, round robin matches will take place. Players will be playing 1 game each against each team in a group of 6 teams.
  • Players in the left team will be tasked to create the game lobby.
  • Qualification: Top team from each group advances to the semi-finals.







3.2 Semi-Finals

  • Teams will play against one another in 5v5 draft pick custom matches (click on custom> draft pick to create lobby).
  • Winning teams from semi-finals match 1 and 2 will advance to the finals.
Semi-finals match 1 1st place of Group A vs 1st place of Group B
Semi-finals match 2 1st place of Group C vs 1st place of Group D

3.3 Finals

  • Teams will play against one another in 5v5 draft pick custom matches.
  • Format: Single Elimination, Best of Two games










3.4 Match Reporting

  • Team Captains are responsible for reporting the results after each series to the tournament admins on duty.
  • Team Captains must also screenshot the end of match screen for verification purposes.


3.5 Tie-Breaker

In the event of a tie (i.e. 1:1 in the match), the winner will be decided using the following match factors below:

  1. Time taken to win: The team with a shorter winning time in the match won will be awarded 1 point.
  2. Towers destroyed: The team that destroyed more towers overall in the match will be awarded 1 point.
  3. Kill difference: The team with higher overall kills in the match will be awarded 1 point.

The team with the higher number of points will win.

Sample calculation for tie-breaker:


Team A


Team B

Game 1
win lose
Game 2 lose win
Time Taken to win

(in the match won)

14:35 16:20
Overall towers destroyed 12 16
Overall Kills 33 20
Final score 2 0
Winner Team A

3.6 Prize Presentation

Prize presentation will also be held at the end of Gathering of Legends @ North East Tournament on 14 Dec.

Champion: SGD$600 capital land voucher + 12600 diamonds (2100 per youth)

1st Runner Up: SGD$420 capital land voucher + 7500 diamonds (1250 per youth)

2nd Runner Up: SGD$300 capital land voucher + 4860 diamonds (810 per youth)

  1. Tournament Rules

4.1 Before Tournament

4.1.1 Change in Team Players   

Teams can make changes to their players in the team any time before the registration closes. Any changes in the registered teams must be made known to the admins via email at by 5th December 2019, 2359hrs.

Teams will only be allowed to change up to a maximum of 1 player, including the reserved player, subjected to organiser’s approval.

4.1.2 Game Version

All games are to be played using the latest version of the game during the tournament. Any updates must be installed before the start of the tournament.

4.2 During Tournament

4.2.1 Registered Players

All players will be required to bring their NRIC or student EZ-Link card for verification purposes on the day of the event. Only registered team members can participate in the matches. Playing a match with an unregistered team member is strictly prohibited. Players and team members must compete with their registered Mobile Legends in-game name in all matches during the tournament.

4.2.2 Reserved Players

  • Reserved players cannot enter a match in a series (best of 2s) that has already begun.
  • The reserved player cannot be a part of any other registered teams that are participating in the tournament.
  • Should a reserved player be found to be in two teams, the registration of the reserved player will be considered void and will not be able to act as a reserved for the team.
  • Teams must inform the admin that they are subbing out a player for the reserved player before doing so.

4.2.3 Latecomers

  • If a player is late during a match or is ready only 15 minutes after match has started; will not be allowed to play during that series.
  • The Team Captain will be given a choice to start the match as 5 players or forfeit the match.
  • The player who is late will not be allowed to re-join this match series (best of 2s).



4.2.4 Disqualification

The organiser reserves the right to disqualify teams if any team commits one or more of the following:

  • Deliberate stalling of the game
  • Deliberate leaving of a match before it ends
  • Usage of exploits or third-party programs/cheats
  • Inappropriate conduct (e.g. Use of threatening language against participants, use of physical violence, etc)
  • Betting or match fixing

4.2.5 Third Party Software

  • It is strictly prohibited for a player to use any third-party software modifying the game functionalities or principles.
  • Random checks on mobile devices and player materials will be carried out by the organiser during the tournament.
  • Should any third-party software be detected, the concerned player will be disqualified from the current and future tournaments.
  • The player and his/her belongings will be removed from the tournament and the cash prize earned, if any, will be forfeited.
  1. Connectivity on Mobile Devices

Participants are responsible for their own mobile devices and connectivity for the tournament. No Wifi or portable chargers will be provided.

Matches will not be rescheduled should any technical issues result in an inability to participate in the match. Zenway Productions and Youth GO! will not be responsible for any losses incurred due to unforeseen connectivity issues. (If your mobile devices are incapable of continuing the game due to technical reasons such as flat battery or running out of data, the match will continue with the remaining players.)

Should a disconnection/phone crash/application crash happen during the match itself, participants MUST return to the game as soon as possible and continue playing.



  1. Participants’ Conduct
  • Be respectful to your own team members and other participants of the tournament (i.e. no use of threatening language and/or physical violence).
  • Be punctual for matches. Inability to do so will result in disqualification and the opponent wins via walk-over.
  • Strictly no use of battleground chat system and voice chat system is allowed, except for pre-fixed communication messages eg. Attack, Defend, Clear Up Lanes, etc.
  • Participants are expected to report to the marshal when called upon as soon as possible.
  • Participants are to take note that there may be no breaks during a match and/or after a game, thus players are advised to fully make use of downtime in between rounds to prepare for the next match (e.g. Toilet breaks, buying of food, etc.). Should a player require a break during the match, he/she is to inform an admin or marshal on duty.


The tournament organiser and the event producer reserve the right to modify the rules at any time without prior notice.