Spotlight on: Kier “Enavir” Goli of DeadlyKittens

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Spotlight on: Kier “Enavir” Goli of DeadlyKittens

May 31, 2017 | Zenway Productions | News
Picture of Kier "Enavir" Goli, bruiser of Deadly Kittens.

Beneath that innocent face lurks a bloodthirsty demon that growls AHHH FRESH MEAT.

We’d now like to present the bruiser of the DeadlyKittens, Kier “Enavir” Goli. The youngest player on the team, he’s known as the best butcher in SEA among his teammates, but nobody will reveal the reason why. Certainly, he embodies the spirit of DeadlyKittens; beneath the surface of the baby-faced lad lurks a bloodthirsty killer whose true nature is only revealed in the Nexus.

Please introduce yourself and tell us about your history in HotS.

My name is Kier Goli and I’m 22 years old. In game, I’m known as Enavir, previously JumpyLion. I started playing HotS in May 2015 when I had the opportunity to go competitive and play for money, and now I’m playing it full-time. My team placed second in the Road to Blizzcon tournament held in Thailand in 2015. It was my first regional tournament and felt pretty grand, so it was okay even though we lost.

Back then, I was a fresh graduate, and I thought I should just be looking for a job. So I left the team and didn’t play in Spring 2016… only to come back a few months later for Summer 2016. We defeated Relics – Mirr and Zeys, our current teammates, were part of their lineup back then – and went to Sweden to play on the world stage. It was a good feeling, knowing that I had achieved something big for myself. A lot of things happened after that, and fast forward till today, we’re going to Sweden once again, but with DeadlyKittens. This time, I want to achieve something better than before, and I’m looking forward to Dreamhack.

You play the team’s bruiser. In your opinion, what do you think makes a good bruiser player? What do you always have to keep in mind, for your role?

In Heroes of the Storm, there is no solo carry. You mess up, you lose. Your teammates mess up, you lose. There are so many factors to consider to become a good bruiser player. You need to understand that it’s not always about getting the kills. Sometimes, you also need to help your teammates.

… To make it simple, just deal loads of damage.

You’ve been hailed as the best Butcher in SEA, according to your teammates. How did that come about?

It defies logic and reasoning. I cannot possibly explain how I became the #1 Butcher in SEA. It just happened.

The team has been representing the Philippines in regional tournaments. What was the basis for this decision, and what do you think of it, as a Filipino?

Nothing. I represent myself. I just happen to live in the Philippines.

You’re the youngest player on the team. Has that been a factor in your interactions with the team members, and how you view yourself?

It never was a factor. I think of them as equals when playing. Maybe outside the game I respect the age gap, but never in the game.

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